Charanga Musical School
An award-winning music platform to support music teaching and learning in your school.
Joanna Mangona

Welcome to Charanga South Africa!

I am extremely proud to introduce you to Charanga’s Musical School programme, the culmination of many years of work by a unique, dedicated team of education, technology and enabling experts who all share a passion for music. Charanga is helping to transform music in schools around the world with its exciting and engaging approach.

Having spent my early music career living and working with musicians and teachers in South Africa, I am delighted to have the opportunity to share what we do and to develop new and exciting materials with you.

We believe that music brings value and unique learning experiences to children, schools and musicians of all ages and backgrounds. Charanga enables us to share these experiences and to learn from each other through our music-making. My hope is that together we can inspire, support, and bring joy to many children and teachers.

Joanna Mangona, Head of Learning, Charanga